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Take more control of your applications with powerful COBOL and Java technology

Move to isCOBOL Evolve

Proven track record. Extensive compatibility. Clear future.

With a rich number of features expressly developed for RM/COBOL® users, isCOBOL Evolve from Veryant offers a seamless transition plan and a stable path forward that is backed by a dedicated team of COBOL experts.

Maintain and modernize COBOL applications with a true business partner

Why face an uncertain future or a difficult upgrade, when isCOBOL delivers a cost-effective and compelling alternative?

With isCOBOL technology from Veryant, you can move to an innovative COBOL platform with lower TCO, a solid roadmap, and numerous options for GUI maintenance and modernizaton, all backed by a dedicated global support team.

What makes the move to Veryant so easy?
A full range of RM/COBOL replacement features, extensive compatibility, RM-friendly migration features, and phased transition options.

What makes the move to Veryant so worthwhile?
In addition to offering RM-functionality at a low price, isCOBOL delivers next generation features such as a Java Thin Client without any user interface limitations. With Veryant, there are no charges for upgrading to a new release with a valid support contract. And better yet, Veryant has implemented multiplatform GUI capabilities in a similar style as RM/COBOL Screen Section feature, so they are easy for developers to learn and use.

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